The Cascade Hills condominium is based on the membership of owners of residential complex buildings and their property ownership it is a non-commercial cooperative which has non- profit status of legal person.

The main goals of the condominium are:

A) To carry out bylaws the management of the general shared property of the residential complex.

b) In cases of accepted laws to present and protect the owners’ common interests in state governmental and local self-governmental, judicial and other legal bodies.

c) To carry out other problems which do not contradict to the law about condominium and to the constitution of the republic of Armenia.

The governing bodies of the condominium are:

Harutyun Semerjyan

Condominium manager

Mariya Grigoryan

Assistant Condominium Manager, Cashier

Samvel Mhitaryan

Assistant Condominium Manager

Giragus Manoyan

Condominium Board Member 160/5 Building

Giragos Manoyan

Condominium Board Member 160/6 Building

Karen Khachatryan

Condominium Board Member 160/7 Building

Hagop Assadourian

Condominium Board Member 160/7 Building

Gayane Shahbekyan

Condominium Board Member 160/12 Building

Arevik Atabekyan

Condominium Board Member 160/13 Building

Cascade Hills

Edvard Khachatryan

Condominium gardener